Holiday Minies 


Waiting for the End to Come

Will death come today? Probably not today, or tomorrow. The head upon my shoulder hurts but no aspirin can take away. My tummy aches and the heels of my feet are sore. This is a work day, a day away from the comforts of home. 

A lonely place, this place I drive to several days a week. It is the property of my employer, a big corporate entity with locations across the country, but only one site is familiar to me.

 My car arrives while still dark outside. My feet slowly taps the pavement as I get out of the car. The horn beeps as the car doors lock and I’m already half way across the lot. I enter the building and my expelled breath acknowledging my dismal fate. Another work day, that’s all.

No good deed goes unpunished. I guess this is what a good girl gets for staying in school and going to college. One dead end job and a day without an adequate meal. Few handfuls of potatoe chips, few bites of a dry meat sandwich, and a large gulp of cola. 

If there is a god, the work day does not honor the lord. Pass a coworker in the hall, no words, no gestures, I assume they hate their life too. The only hope is after twelve hours have passed I can go home to a dinner prepared by my husband. And then another day will come to darken my soul. 

Is this the working class the republicans demand of all Americans? Do they care? Don’t work, don’t get paid. No pay, no home. Have job, have health insurance but have no money for doctor. So death may not come as soon as needed. So what are prayers for? 

False preachers say America needs to get back to Christian roots. Well, imaginary, invisible Jesus doesn’t pay the bills, doesn’t even crack a smile on this old face. Pray till my knees give out. In the end I’m just an hourly paid worker, my only hope is in the afterworld. 

The Chapel

September 15, 2017 The Chapel is added to the 1/12 scale dollhouse Village. If you’re keeping score you know the village has 10 buildings. 

Twelve dwarfs’ cabin, mom’s house, Eddie’s market, art gallery, law office, terrie’s hotdog stand, Santa Fe Adobe vacation house, Bob’s house, the diagnostic laboratory and now the chapel. 

Outside the village Bob, has 1/125 scale miniatures. They vary from vacation scenes, to violent city scenes. They are so small I have no luck photographing them. 

All our miniatures dioramas are whimsical and lot of joy to build and create. 

Dollhouse Village Chapel 

 2017 Dollhouse Project: church/chapel 

Take me to Church

New project: a mini shadow box church. The mini cathedral wood kits where too expensive at $200 so I opted for a simple box kit with arched doorways in front. I think this will make a great addition to my dollhouse village. Initial cost $39