My favorite dollhouse

My mini family, they are perfectly poised in my favorite dollhouse. This was our second build. The furnishings mimic things I’ve owned or still own not necessarily together in one place. In the living room sits Bob and myself with all our pets. I count five critters. 

In the kitchen, a doll similar to my son Eric, talks on a cell phone. It always warms my heart to see him there. In real life I’m happy be know my son really does have his own kitchen. That means something because at one time or two his living arrangements and life goals were concerning. 

On the patio, daughter Megan barbecues with her son, and ‘that’ Wayne, and their twin baby girls play in the playpen cage. A common scene for them, as troubles paying the electric company allow them to cook outdoors and make use of all my camping gear.

That’s my family, all us in our natural habitats. 


The word dollhouse is misleading. The hobby of building miniature houses and diaramas is often described as making dollhouses. Here’s another dollhouse…

How would you describe it?

Blue Tattoo

 Blue Tattoo represents all the bars, taverns, and dives that my husband’s band has ever played in. It is 1:12 scale. It Took three months to complete. Some of the musical instruments were handmade like the steel guitar. The bar patrons are a collection of superhero dolls and other figurines that we’ve come across.

Dollhouses by ACME Art Co



The Blues Club

Making a dream come true for my inner child. The latest dollhouse project is the blues club. The FEDEX truck delivers little items of quality looking wood bar stools and a miniature handcrafted baby grand piano in polished black.

The space for the club will include two large rooms. The construction is a modification of two shops with a section of the inner wall removed to allow the illusion of two rooms. One room for the band stand and piano, a dance floor and some tall tables and stools. The second room for the bar counter and area for a pool table.



The project isn’t complete. Some walls are glued in place, others are held together with tape. The lighting will be next.

There is always a discussion as to what type of lighting source to use. The electrical tape and plug it into a wall is the method used in the last two projects. The battery-powered lights placed in the cabin built last year have completely burnt out this year. The light-switches with varied bright white and yellow lighting used in the miniature laboratory has been my favorite, because it gives off a very natural realistic look to the rooms.

The lighting source sets the mood. And may determine where the finished project can be placed. The Blues Club will have a more dark, or blue lighting effect.

There are several weeks work to be done. Stay tuned for more.

Wonka Factory

Last night’s dinner guest said visiting our home was like winning the golden ticket to tour the Willy Wonka Factory. There is a lot to take in on an empty stomach. Each room is a labyrinth of artwork. Most people are not cultured enough to appreciate. Others have a very keen eye and understand.

IMG_2586 IMG_2584 IMG_2588 IMG_2593

We have 8 dollhouses:

Seven Dwarfs Cabin

Mom’s House

Bob’s Law Office

ACME Art Gallery

ACME Clinical Laboratory

Hot Dog Wagon

Eddie’s Market

ACME Blues Club

In addition, there are over a dozen dioramas. Some visitors describe our home as a museum. It would be nice to someday open up my home to visitors at $0.75 a visit.